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PROTEK is a UK-based company providing dedicated design, development and draughting services, with specialist experience including centrifugal pumps with magnetic drive, peristaltic positive displacement and air operated diaphragm pumps.  The company's belief in the importance of an interactive relationship with its customers is one of its guiding principles, as is the commitment to providing quality- and safety-driven, cost effective and efficient solutions.

Drawing on the founder's experience in manufacturing industries around the world, as well as on his numerous links to affiliate designers, manufacturers and distributors, PROTEK supports its customers at all stages of the commission, from initial concept to final testing, providing a total solution to your design/development needs.

Protek Design ServicesIndustrial Odour Control

Industrial Odour Control

Protek Design ServicesProtek Design Services

PROTEK Design Services

Prototype And Engineering Services

Prototype and Engineering Services

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